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  • Ricardo created an article,

    I've sent $ARB from a CEX to my wallet but I can't see it

    First of all, make sure you have the Arbitrum network added to your wallet and that you're on the correct network. More details here: https://support.arbitrum.io/hc/en-gb/articles/19479729907483-Ho...

  • Ricardo created an article,

    How can I add Arbitrum network to my wallet?

    Either you can manually add it using the following details: Network name: Arbitrum One New RPC URL: https://arb1.arbitrum.io/rpc Chain ID: 42161 Currency symbol: ETH Block Explorer URL: https://ar...

  • Ricardo created an article,

    Partnerships with Arbitrum

    For official collaborations, you can send an email to partnerships@offchainlabs.com.

  • Ricardo created an article,

    Why are there 2 different USDC's on Arbitrum?

    Understanding native vs. bridged Native USDC is officially issued by Circle and always redeemable 1:1 for US dollars. In the case of Arbitrum, there also exists a “bridged” form of USDC, known as U...

  • Ricardo created an article,

    Why do I have 0 voting power even though I have $ARB?

    Here's a full explanation of how voting and proposals work. Keep in mind that there are 2 types of proposals: 1 - Proposals are first submitted to the ArbitrumDAO governance forum for community dis...

  • Ricardo created an article,

    Why wait 7 days to claim funds when bridge to Ethereum?

    Whenever there are bridge transactions into the Ethereum mainnet using the official Arbitrum bridge, there is a mandatory 7-day waiting period for withdrawals and this is due to the bridge's securi...

  • Ricardo created an article,

    ARB tokens sent to Arbitrum Foundation

    Please be advised that your tokens may have been sent to the Arbitrum contract address because of 1 of 2 cases, and in both, there is nothing that we can do here until the DAO proposal is reviewed ...

  • Ricardo created an article,

    How can I see the balance of my ETH / Tokens on Arbitrum in my wallet?

    Most wallets are "connected" to one given network at a time. To view your Ether / Token balances, ensure that you are connected to the appropriate Arbitrum chain. In MetaMask, you can switch networ...

  • Ricardo created an article,

    Why do I need ETH to use the Arbitrum network?

    When moving funds (ETH and non-ETH) from Ethereum (L1) to Arbitrum (L2), you'll need to have ETH in your wallet on the corresponding Arbitrum chain. This is because ETH is the currency used for gas...